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Jaunā automātiskā CNC auduma izkliedēšanas mašīna ievērojami uzlaboja šūpuļtīkla ražošanas efektivitāti

Laiks: 2020-11-10 Rezultāti: 66

The hammock and hanging chair sell is very hot after Covid-19

The hammock selling in America and Europe market is very hot after the Covid-19. From 2020 Fall, the hammock and hammock chair and the stands order quantity is a quite more than our normal manufacturing capacity.

Although we have 8 workers cutting the fabric 2 shifts, 16 hours/day, there still a lot a fabric waiting to cut. And oversea buyers are all hope the goods ship on time.


We Purchasing a New CNC Fabric Spreading Machine to Improve the Working Efficiency

In order to meet the production demands, and guarantee shipping on time, we purchased a new automatic CNC fabric spreading machine.


The Working Flow of Hammocks is More Smooth and the Working Efficiency Has Improved Greatly

With this New CNC fabric spreading machine, the working efficiency has improved greatly. We cut the fabric of different color and less quantity by the previous cutting table, and the big order of same fabric by this new CNC spreading machine. A lot of time has saved and the hammock manufacturing flow is more smooth, and it’s much easy for us to keep our words with our buyers and shipping on time.

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